About us

Charity4Points® is a new crowdfunding platform that raises money for all charitable causes. In return for charitable giving, we reward donors with “Charity Points” that can be redeemed for local dining and entertainment coupons. Our mission is to create a fundraising community where more individuals, groups, and charities achieve their fundraising goals by helping their donors offset their giving with Great Deals & Savings!

Charities, Church Missions

Exceed your fundraising goals by allowing your community to raise money for your cause by utilizing our social sharing capabilities.

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School & Youth Sports Groups

Motivate your group to raise money with an easy-to-use app that rewards participation. And keep track of your members progress towards your fundraising goals!

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Personal Fundraising

Choose Charity4Points to raise money for your personal cause, and give back to the people giving to you.

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Merchants & Restaurants

Help raise money for charitable causes by rewarding our donor community with valuable digital coupons that help your business attract new clientele.

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How it works

Any individual, school group or nonprofit organization may create a fundraising campaign on our platform. Campaign pages can be easily shared with friends, family, and the community via social media, text and by email! When someone donates to your campaign, they receive charity points redeemable for digital coupon savings via our easy-to-use mobile application! Crowdfunding meets the Coupon Book!

How To Earn Points

  • Create New Charity4Points Account – Earn 10 Free Points!
  • Donate To A Campaign – Earn 3 Points For Every $1 Donated
    $50 Donation = 150 Charity Points = $150 in Savings!
  • Join/Share A Campaign - Earn 1 Point For Every $10 Donated By Friends
    $500 in Friend’s Donations = 50 Charity Points = $50 in Savings!
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Charities, Church Missions,

and Service Organizations

Raise money on Charity4Points with a fundraising page where people can donate directly to your charitable cause! In addition, individuals may join your campaign, share it on social media to help raise funds, and get rewarded with points.

  • Features:
  • Social sharing
  • Live donations report
  • Automated tax receipts
  • Donor interaction
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Values:
  • Keep 80% of all donations
  • Expand reach / gain exposure
  • Increase recurring donations
  • Reward donors
  • Raise more money

School & youth sports


The “Campaign Manager” can create an online fundraiser using our web or mobile application in minutes! All participating members join the Charity4Points platform and are incentivized to reach out to their community by sharing the campaign page via our links for social media, emails and texts.

  • Payout:
  • The group keeps 80% of all donations!
  • Group members get rewarded with points
  • (1 point for every $10 donated)
  • Values:
  • No product to distribute / No spreadsheets
  • Tracking of all donations (per member)
  • ... our app does all the accounting!
  • Promotional flyer provided
  • Reach more people, raise more money
  • Great rewards for donors
  • High profit percentage (80%)
  • Mobile friendly... easy and fun!

Personal Fundraising

Have a personal cause you need to raise money for? Use Charity4Points and raise needed funds for yourself, your family, or a friend – while rewarding the generosity of your donors!

Health & Medical
Hurricane Relief
Keep 80% of all donationsYour supporters can save triple what they donate!
Post updates about your causeAchieve your fundraising goal!

Creating more foot traffic for our

Merchants & Restaurants

We are currently contracting with businesses to join our Rewards Program and offer attractive digital coupons redeemable by customers on our mobile app. Businesses are the ones rewarding the generosity of donors on our platform and play a huge role in raising money for charitable causes. We assign a point value to each coupon; for every $100 honored in discounts, your business will have helped raise approximately $33 for charitable causes!

You can offer up to 10 different coupons at a time. Each coupon will have a point value associated with the offer based upon the savings for the customer. Ex: A coupon that offers $10 in savings will be worth 10 charity points. You can customize each coupon with its own specific redemption limitations. For example: weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. You can change your offers and its limitations at anytime.

  • Sample offers:
  • Free appetizer
  • Buy One, Get One Free
  • $10 off a purchase of $20 or more
  • $25 off purchase of $75 or more
  • 25% off total purchase
  • The value:
  • Great exposure
  • Attract new clientele
  • Gain repeat business
  • Increase sales
  • Promote specific products
  • Flexibility
  • Low fees
  • Support local schools & charitable causes

How Are Coupons Redeemed?

When someone chooses a coupon to use on our platform, they will have 24 hours to redeem the coupon at the business. They will present the coupon on our mobile app at your place of business to the waiter, manager, cashier, etc. Businesses will receive a monthly report with a listing of all coupon redemptions. The report will include details for each specific coupon redeemed, dates and times, and user’s zip code.

Our Focused Business Categories

Health & beauty
Automotive Services